Forth Wallets - The Design Process

Forth Wallets - The Design Process

Our product design process is carried out with a strong emphasis on how we interact with products. To build an efficient product we spend a good amount of time in prototyping to get every single detail right, for every single product. It is not just about building a strong layout but also choosing the right materials that can stand the test of time.

The design of Type-1 Wallet:
Our Type-1 wallets were designed with a unique approach to the coin pocket. The pocket is not only designed to keep coins but can fit cards as well! In fact, it was initially designed for cards only but adding a flap for the safety of inside contents made it multipurpose. We have also noticed the usual multi-stack design that is commonly available is one of the major reasons for card breakage over time. We have used simple cuts for card slots, so that cards align on a single plane at the bottom and can be stacked on top of each other. All of this is done without making the wallet any bigger than the usual ones.

The design of Type-2 Wallet:

Our Type-2 wallets are made specifically for people who don't carry many coins and have a number of cards. The edgy folds allow us to keep the cards according to the frequency of usage. The front fold can carry the most frequently used card while others can be kept in separate pockets. Introducing two small cuts also allows space to hold a single key, that one key we always keep!

Forth Full Grain Leather Wallet

Single mould:

The leather we use is thicker than the leather that is typically used to make wallets. Our beautiful single mold design keeps the thickness of wallet typically the way it is, without adding more bulk to it because it just has 2 or a maximum of 3 layers. The single mould structure of the wallet keeps it durable and minimal because of significantly less usage of stitches.

Forth Full Grain Leather Wallet

The materials:

Full Grain Vegetable Tanned leather-

A mark of good quality leather can be determined from its edges. We take pride in making our products from finest full grain leather backed by design to keep the edges raw, because we have nothing to hide! Learn more about Full Grain Leather

Our tanning process comes from all natural materials which also makes our leather bio-degradable. The tanning process adds to the mild rigidity of the leather which softens over time with use. It even gathers beautiful patina on the surface making the leather darker, even better!

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