What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

You must have heard us constantly saying that all our products are made out of vegetable tanned leather. We love it! Why? and what is it exactly? so here we go-

Vegetable tanning is the oldest tanning process known to mankind. It is the process in which the leather is tanned with all natural materials, with no chemicals at all. Sometimes very little chemicals are added to the process to stabilize the leather and to speed up the process, but that makes the leather ineligible to be called as 'pure vegetable tanned'. It is the most eco-friendly process of leather tanning, making the leather not only durable but highly sustainable as well. It's only with vegetable tanning, you will see a change in colour and softness of leather with use, making the used form even more beautiful!

The process of making veg tanned leather itself takes around 2-3 months, which is far more than chrome tanned (or chemical tanned) leather that is available in 85% of leather products. Chrome tanning is widely used because of faster production and cheaper processing costs. Chrome tanned leather is made by adding a chemical called chromium, which is not only bad for human health but also our environment.

For us, not only design but sustainability is also a key factor to make better products.

So why don't you check out our store with unique leather wallets, convertible laptop bags and some awesome sling bags for women. Our products will last a decade. We make the finest vegetable tanned products in India. You will love them, we promise!
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