- Forth Goods is responsible for any product defects that appear in material (leather) within a period of one year (12 months) from the date of purchase and customer formal complaint is received within one month of appearance of defect. Warranty provided herein is limited to the value of the product. The warranty is valid only in India.

- Defects stated under the above para cover unusual cracks and tearing of leather . Hairline cracks are not to be considered defect because of this being natural aspect of leather as leather develops such cracks over the years if not conditioned periodically.

- The following are not defects under warranty conditions stated above:

  • Worn out edges or corners from normal use
  • Natural fading or darkening of colour and softening of material with use
  • Scratches, stains and spots
  • Damage from friction or rubbing
  • Worn out , stained linings from normal use
  • Damage due to exposure to heat and water
  • Use of chemicals or cleaners not meant for cleaning leather products
  • Conditions given below under the heading ‘Wear and Tear’

- Should the products be found to be defective , the customer is entitled to a replacement or repair free of charge. If replacement is not possible due to non availability of same product then exchange replacement will be given at equal or lesser value of the original item.

- Proof of purchase (Invoice) is required for warranty validation.

- Forth Goods take the final call on whether damage is due to mishandling, misuse or is a genuine defect as per the defects defined in the aforesaid paras.

- Customer has to bear the the shipping charges for dispatching the defective product.

- In case of genuine defect, any costs incurred by the customer in returning the defective goods will be refunded by Forth Goods.

Wear and Tear

Leather being a natural material, reproduction of colour and texture on different skins exactly the same is not possible. Slight variation can not be reason for its rejection.

Besides it is prone to hairline cracks, scratches and small marks with the usage and hence don’t fall in the category of defects.

Further fabric and metallic fittings are also part of the product which may lose original shine or after some usage there might be some variation in its appearance, which is just natural and can not be termed as defect.