5 reasons to buy our unique Bow Ties

5 reasons to buy our unique Bow Ties

5 reasons to buy our unique bow ties

Made of leather, simple yet unique

Our unconventional bow ties are made of genuine nappa leather which is not only durable and stylish but also stands apart with their vibrant colours and smooth texture. With special techniques and construction, we are able to make the leather as thin as fine fabric which makes them lightweight without losing all natural folds and depth that a classy bow tie should have.


Leather Bow Tie India


They compliment your entire look

With carefully chosen subtle colours i.e light tan, dark tan and black, you can pair our bow ties with the colour of your belt and shoes. Combinations always look great and add to the appeal! Colours matter a lot for a well-dressed man.


Unique Leather Bow Tie


Formal or casual, works every time

Whether you are going for a casual evening party or a formal wedding reception, our bow ties work very well with both formal and casual wear. You can pair them with wide variety of textures and fabrics while keeping it all classy!



Men'a leather bow tie India

Easy to clean

Since it is not fabric, our bow ties hardly get dirty. Even if some dust settles, it can be easily removed with a simple brush or polished with wax to get more shine. It comes with very low maintenance!

They are Adjustable

No matter what the size of your neck is, our bow ties are completely adjustable. You don't have to worry about a manual procedure of tying a bow tie, all you have to do it adjust the strap and we're good to go.

All our bow ties come in different colours and sizes. The three styles you can check out are Basic, Twin Narrow, Twin Wide

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